Where are the Northwind and Pubs?

SQL Server 2005 is installed without any samples - at least versions I installed don’t contain Northwind and pubs databases -. However Microsoft put SQL Server 2005 Samples and Sample Databases in Codeplex, light version of these two sample databases were always famous in a way that you can find... [Read More]

Pocket PC Developers Resources

Currently, I'm working on Pocket PC development. During last week I've found interesting resources about windows mobile development with .Net compact framework. first of all [Windows Mobile Team Blog ](https://blogs.msdn.com/windowsmobile/)would be a sophisticated resource. Moreover you could find other useful links in this weblog. Other blogger's web site would be... [Read More]

How to embed other resources like image and css

Embedding other resources like Cascade style sheets and images is possible as well as JavaScript file. I wrote "[How to embed JavaScript file in an assembly](How-to-embed-JavaScript-file-in-an-assembly.aspx)" in previous post. For embedding images you have to do same way with minor changes in accessing resource. You should add you file into... [Read More]