AutoMapper and mapping Expressions

AutoMapper is a great library helps developer to almost get rid of left hand right hand assignment between different types. In real world C# .net applications there are lots of scenarios developer wants to map different types of objects to each other. Normally it happens in system boundaries, like between... [Read More]

Value type field members are in heap

I think developers are a bit confused about the concept of ValueTypes and Reference Type. Often I hear that all primitive data types and value types are in stack. First of all it is thread’s stack and it is not a single stack for application. Secondly, when we say value... [Read More]

IL superset of all .net languages

In .net world you can choose your language and write your application with best language which matches your requirements. Different languages has different paradigm. For example C# started with static/strongly type paragoge  but over years it has been evolved and now it does support functional programming as well as dynamic.... [Read More]
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