Unit testing ModelBinders in ASP.Net Web Api projects

My Colleague Matt Davies has done a blog post a couple of years ago about Unit testing MVC3/MVC4 Model Binders. This is a nice post but as you know Web Api Side of ASP.Net is usually using a different set of object model therefore the setting up the BindingContext would be different than what we have in MVC. I also searched and did not find a good blog post about how to unit test ModelBinders in ASP.NEt Web Api project, so I decided to put together this post. [Read More]

First week at number one consulting company in Australia

I have been in IT industry for fifteen years and for last three and half years I been in consulting firm. I really like the type of work I usually do as a consultant. Issues that we have to deal with are usually different and more challenging. Systems we have to build requires more focus and special architecture and extra care. In this industry I do meet new people and a really like to pair with others, teach and of-course learn new things. [Read More]
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AutoMapper and mapping Expressions

AutoMapper is a great library helps developer to almost get rid of left hand right hand assignment between different types. In real world C# .net applications there are lots of scenarios developer wants to map different types of objects to each other. Normally it happens in system boundaries, like between UI and services or between ViewModel and Model. [Read More]

Value type field members are in heap

I think developers are a bit confused about the concept of ValueTypes and Reference Type. Often I hear that all primitive data types and value types are in stack. First of all it is thread’s stack and it is not a single stack for application. Secondly, when we say value types are in stack it doesn’t include field members of the class. [Read More]