I have been in IT industry for fifteen years and for last three and half years I been in consulting firm. I really like the type of work I usually do as a consultant. Issues that we have to deal with are usually different and more challenging. Systems we have to build requires more focus and special architecture and extra care. In this industry I do meet new people and a really like to pair with others, teach and of-course learn new things.

Last week, I started working for a new company called Readify. Programmers in Australia, specially Microsoft stack programmers, would probably know Readify. But for those who don’t know, Readify is the best Microsoft Consulting company in Australia which has offices across major states in Australia (NSW, VIC, QLD, Perth and SA). I’ve been interested to work for Reaidfy since I came to Australia. But it happened for me after four and half years. Many thanks to my good friend Hadi Eskandari who mentored me during last year when I was studying so hard to get through.

Anyway, If you want a challenging workplace, pairing with smart and knowledgeable developers and using bleeding edge technologies, probably Readify is one of places you might want to consider to work in Australia. During past few years great developers have been working for Readify. To name a couple of them, Damien Edwards who is currently program manager at Microsoft at ASP.net team and Paul Stovell creator of famous deployment tool called Octopus Deploy. And many others who still work for Readify.

Its an opportunity to work in challenging environment with high quality expectation. When a client choose Readify, most likely there is a challenging issue or project. I as a consultant have the opportunity to work with highly skilled and smart people in different project.

Now, let me tell you about first impressions I’ve got since I’ve started with them. I signed the contract nearly six weeks ago and immediately a couple of days after, I got access to my corporate email and other documents so I got myself familiarized with the processes and introduced myself to the team before actually starting new job. Everything was surprisingly well organised and open.

I got my allowance to buy gears and get ready for my new position at Readify. The allowance is enough to buy a decent ultrabook or mac book pro which gets renewed every two years. I decided to buy a Surface pro 3 which I will blog about that later. Anyway, I had a chance to get everything ready before the very first day.

Day one when I went to Readify’s nice office in the city everybody were welcoming to me and helping me to get started. There is is buddy system at Readify which helps new Readifarian get through all induction stuff faster. My buddy Jorge helped me to get through all the stuff quickly. I had a chance to have a chat with one of the principal consultants (Richard Banks). Although principal consultants are busy but they are available to help developers and other consultants. Basically we can reach them quite easily. During past week I had a change to meet other principal consultants and senior consultant and catch up with them.

At Readify everybody gets number of days annually to work on professional development, we can self study new technologies, prepare for exam, write an article or get ready for presentation. First few days I had a chance to look at new interesting changes in mobile area with Xamarin products. Xamarin has gained a lot of attention recently especially in enterprise. I will write more about them later.

So far it has been great experience working at Readify and I have just started my first gig this week which is going to be awesome.

Stay tuned I’ll blog more to share technical and non-technical stuff.