Screen size in WPF applications

I was about to write a simple application deal with screen size in WPF. Previously in windows form applications we could get WorkingArea parameters from System.Windows.Forms.WorkingArea but in WPF application typically we don’t have this assembly (however this assembly could be added to project). In WPF applications screen size could be obtained from System.Windows.SystemParameters. Following code is an example of setting a form right-bottom aligned in screen. [Read More]
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LINQ-To-SQL Uses magic ROW_NUMBER() function

Recently I founded that LINQ-To-SQL Uses magic ROW_NUMBER() function. ROW_NUMBER() function is a magic function which was added in SQL Server 2005. Microsoft put this function in version 2005 so that developers will not take it for granted and appreciate it. ROW_NUMBER “ returns the sequential number of a row within a partition of a result set, starting at 1 for the first row in each partition”. [Read More]

Migrating to

Finally, I’ve decided to convert my weblog engine from Graffiti CMS to BlogEngine. Moving to BlogEngine doesn’t mean weakness of Graffiti blogging engine or indicating any problem. But after surveying BlogEngine and comparing to current version of Graffity CMS I’ve found lots of features more sophisticated than Graffiti and in my opinion blogEngine is handier. Although you can full features here but in my opinion following features are cool and convincing to migrate: [Read More]
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