After 22 months our (me and my wife) Australian permanent visa is granted. These 22 months of my life was so hectic. This is a big break in my life and I'm looking forward for shiny future. My visa was issued on 18 of January and new level of my migration is started.

There are tons of things to do in order to settle in:


1.       Sell our stuff including my car

2.       Rent my apartment

3.       Open a bank account in Australia

4.       Transfer money to Australia

5.       Send our stuff to Australia by AIR shipment

6.       Move into temporary accommodation for one or two weeks in Sydney

7.       Receive the AIR shipment.

8.       Move into Mid-level temporary accommodation for couple of mount

9.       Get a mobile phone including device (Hopefully buy an HTC HD2)


And last by not least

10.   Finding a new job in Sydney

  I think the last one is the most important thing to focus on. I have to improve my English abilities, Prepare a professional Resume and covering letter for each vacancy, which I apply, improving my technical abilities in various aspects.