HOW TO propagate WCF Impersonation to COM objects

I was working on a project to write a wrapper on a COM component in WCF. The COM object needs impersonation in some levels to provide certain functionalities to impersonated user. Basically impersonation in .Net application doesn’t propagate COM calls. I’ve seen following sentence in How To: Use Impersonation and Delegation in ASP.NET 2.0 [Read More]

Updating my using with Windows Live Writer

I didn’t know about this sophisticated application so called “Windows Live Writer”. Actually quiet frequently I was looking for an HTML editor to write my blog post and then update my blog. Because HTML edit which comes with BlogEngine.Net is not easy to use – and its the same problem with all web based HTML editor-. To be honest windows live writer is something more than what I expected. [Read More]

How to mess with "click test" facebook application

Couple of days ago I came across a fantastic challenging application in Facebook which is called “click test”. This application measures your click per second and you have to click as much as you can in 10 seconds. For sure in my 130 friend there are many who can click more than me, but I had to do my bests especially a friend of mine (Kambiz) who is not only good at typing and clicking but also good programming. What should I do! should I left the battle or keep challenging? Of course I have to stay in this battle.... [Read More]

WEBCAMPS Sydney Day 1 / Part 2

As first day continued Scott and James tried to demonstrate Microsoft 4.0 and MVC 2. Same question about ASP.Net was asked and was answered. Fellows was worried about replacement of ASP.Net with MVC 2 and as it was answered and like before Scott and James defined that ASP.Net is not going to be replaced by MVC. It is just a new approach of implementing web applications and depending on website structure and content websites could either be implemented by ASP.Net 4.0 or MVC 2. Couple of new project templates has been added to Visual Studio 2010 and in web.... [Read More]

WEBCAMPS Sydney Day 1 / Part 1

WEBCAMP was a 2 days event that provides a chance to learn and build projects based on Microsoft Web Platform. WEBCAMPS is held in different cities around the word and I had chance to participate in Sydney WEBCAMP event in 28 and 29 of May 2010. Interesting point is performers of this event in Sydney were Scott Hanselman and James Senior who I really wanted [Read More]